Case Management App

The MetricStream Case Management App enables you to streamline and standardize the process of capturing, investigating, resolving, and reporting cases. The App cuts across enterprise siloes, gathering and consolidating case data in a central repository, while also enhancing cross-functional collaboration on case investigations. Investigative tasks can be quickly assigned along with automated alerts to keep the process on track. At every stage, powerful dashboards and analytics provide in-depth case visibility, enabling you to proactively identify and resolve critical cases.

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Case Recording

Captures case data from multiple sources such as emails and hotlines; provides the ability to triage cases; supports uploading new and legacy cases in bulk, and updating old cases

Case Routing

Routes each case to the relevant personnel based on standard operating procedures; delivers automated notifications, alerts, and escalations to enable timely completion of tasks

Review and Monitoring

Sends each case for review to authorized users; helps generate an action plan for approval; captures comments and feedback for ongoing cases; generates mandatory case reports in prescribed formats

Investigation and Remedial Action

Triggers a root cause analysis to identify the how, why, and when of each case; supports collaborative case investigations; keeps each case open till the results of remediation action are verified

Reporting and Metrics

Provides in-depth, real-time visibility into the case management process; highlights high priority cases; enables case data to be sliced and diced from various angles

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  • Integrate case data from emails, hotlines, and other sources into a common database for comprehensive visibility
  • Define multiple workflows for various case types, including HR, legal, compliance, and IT cases
  • Maintain case privacy, security, and confidentiality with role-based access controls
  • Gain real-time access to case data at the click of a button. Respond quickly and effectively
  • Streamline and automate the management of multiple cases across the enterprise. Enable faster resolution
  • Minimize liabilities, prevent recurring cases, and strengthen compliance with regulations
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