MetricStream GRC Apps

Our extensive range of GRC Apps enables you to manage your risks, compliance, and governance activities in a holistic, consistent, and efficient manner.

The Apps extend across the enterprise, streamlining GRC processes, and integrating risk and compliance intelligence from multiple sources to guide strategic decisions.

With support for mobility, real-time reporting, advanced risk analytics, regulatory notifications, and social media monitoring, our Apps are designed to help you thrive in today’s complex, global enterprises.

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  • Get a single source of truth for all compliance, risk, and quality data
  • Streamline and automate GRC processes. Minimize redundancies and costs
  • Break down siloes. Improve collaboration and coordination across GRC activities
  • Roll up risk data in real time. Transform it into valuable business intelligence
  • Simplify compliance with regulations, corporate policies, and quality standards through a common compliance framework
  • Gain the flexibility to deploy our apps either on on-premise or over MetricStream GRC Cloud


MetricStream Apps are designed with state-of-the-art technology to meet your unique needs. Here’s what you get with each App:

  • MetricStream GRC Platform
    The core infrastructure for all GRC Apps; provides a highly scalable, flexible, and extensible data model
  • MetricStream App Studio
    An integrated tool kit to rapidly configure and extend GRC Apps.
  • MetricStream GRC Cloud
    A state-of-the-art private cloud environment to deploy GRC Apps quickly and cost-effectively.
  • MetricStream Enterprise Mobility
    Tools to manage GRC programs from your mobile devices anywhere, anytime.
  • MetricStream Big Data Analytics
    Harness massive volumes of data from multiple sources, and convert it into valuable risk intelligence.
  • MetricStream Infolets
    Patent-pending adaptors that integrate with multiple data sources to capture and import relevant information into our GRC Apps for processing, routing, and reporting.
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