Operational Audit Management App

The MetricStream Operational Audit Management App enables you to effectively assess the quality, efficiency, and profitability of internal systems, processes, and procedures across your operations. The App supports multiple types of operational audits, including health and safety audits, environmental audits, store audits, quality audits, and security audits. The App streamlines the audit lifecycle while integrating audit data on a common platform. Powerful reports deliver real-time visibility into the status of the audit program, as well as audit findings, issues, and trends.

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Audit Planning

Assigns risk ratings to entities that need to be audited; helps define a comprehensive operational audit plan, objective, and scope linked to other GRC processes; supports the development of multiple audit checklists

Audit Scheduling

Supports scheduling of operational audits periodically and on an ad hoc basis; helps select auditors, and assign responsibilities; provides a top-level view of audit activities, auditors, tasks, and potential conflicts

Audit Resource Management

Helps assign and manage resources for each audit project; enables time and budget tracking; automatically updates audit assignments when audit plans or schedules are changed

Audit Execution

Captures qualitative and quantitative operational audit findings in pre-defined formats; supports both offline and mobile-based audits; measures the progress of audit execution in real time; tracks the time spent in auditing

Audit Review

Routes operational audit findings and recommendations for review; supports remedial action and follow-up audits; provides workflows for approving or rejecting auditee responses

Audit Draft and Interim Reporting

Generates multiple types of draft and final reports; routes them through various reviews and approvals; enables reports to be converted to standard Word, Excel, or PDF formats for analysis


  • Enable a systematic and automated approach to operational audits. Enhance compliance with regulatory and corporate objectives
  • Eliminate siloed operational audit systems and manual processes. Establish efficient, automated workflows
  • Gain comprehensive, real-time visibility into audit findings. Proactively identify and resolve risk areas, non-conformities, and deviations
  • Utilize offline and mobile audit capabilities to enhance audit productivity and efficiency
  • Strengthen compliance with standards and regulations from authorities such as the FDA, EPA, OSHA, and ISO
  • Capture the insights needed to make informed, timely decisions on how to improve operations and customer satisfaction
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