• 55%*
    Reduction in the time taken to create and update policies
  • 90%*
    Reduction in the time taken to review and approve policies
  • 50%*
    Time savings in tracking and linking policies to regulations
*Source: Customer responses and GRC Journey Business Value Calculator

Policy and Document Management App

The MetricStream Policy and Document Management App streamlines and simplifies the creation and communication of policies and it enables a structured and integrated approach towards managing the full range of policies across the enterprise.The web-based app provides a centralized policy portal to store and access policies. It helps in mapping policies to regulations, risks, and controls, thereby strengthening compliance, while highlighting potential risks and gaps. The app brings policies to where you are - engaging the first line and increasing policy awareness. It also helps in managing policy attestations and exceptions in order to demonstrate policy compliance. Powerful analytics and reports enable real-time tracking of the policy management lifecycle.

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Enabling High Performers

Responsive and personalized interface designed for policy and compliance professionals

Highly configurable to meet your specific policy management requirements

Mobile ready, enabling access to policies anywhere, anytime

Real-time intelligence and insights for better decisions

Fast, lean, ready for the future


Policy Portal

Access your organization’s latest policies on the app’s centralized policy portal, designed with a simple, modern, and easy-to-use interface. View a snapshot of each policy, bookmark the important policies, and browse those that are most frequently accessed or have recently been published. Identify the latest announcements on policy or organizational updates. View policies that require attestations as a task on the portal. Provide assurance to policy management committees or policy program managers that employees have quick and easy access to the latest updated policies.

Policy Discovery

Quickly search for policies applicable to you from wherever you are with policy search widgets in your intranet, conversational chatbot or any other workplace tool of your choice. Search for policies based on attributes, content, author, and other parameters. Save previous searches, and mark documents as favorites, thereby simplifying access to specific policies. Easily retrieve related policies with the app's intelligent search functionality. The search also factors in related risk and compliance aspects. Browse
through policy categories and sub-categories to access the information you need.

Policy Creation

Create, categorize, and centrally store policies and procedures. Easily create inline policies by defining different sections applicable for different requirements of a regulation. By using Microsoft Word for editing inline policies, leverage advance formatting and track changes capability. Upload policies directly from your system, modify existing policies, and improve them in collaboration with relevant users. Create reusable policy templates by defining the structure and content of the policy in advance. Upload reference links, supporting documents, related policies, and so on. Configure different review and approval workflows for different categories of policies.

Policy-Mapping To Regulations

Map policies to regulations, risks, controls, requirements, and processes. Link specific sections of the policies to applicable regulations and compliance requirements, thus making it easy to identify the impact of a regulatory change on policies. Trigger automated email notifications and alerts to relevant users, indicating changes in policies.

Review and Approval

After a policy is created, route either the entire policy document or sections of it for review and approval. If required, enable different sections to be reviewed by different people. Allow multiple users to collaborate on policy review and approval, and add their comments or feedback.

Policy Communication

Once the policy reviews are completed, communicate the policy to all relevant users through email notifications. Categorize users by roles, and allow them to access and read the policy based on their assigned privileges. Publish and store all policies on the centralized portal for easy access.

Policy Attestation

Facilitate policy attestations and notifications based on a chosen user or user group. View tasks for attestation on the policy portal. Enable attestations only after each employee scrolls through the entire policy document. Track attestation details through reports.

Policy Exceptions

Request exceptions for policies right from the policy portal. Specify the reason for exception and the duration for which the exception is required. Configure workflows to manage exceptions and track the status of exceptions in reports.

Reports and Dashboards

Leverage powerful reports and graphical dashboards for real-time visibility into the policy management program. Drill down to view statistics and data on policies by type, status, audit history, in-process documents, average review and approval cycle time, links to compliance, and associated risks and controls.

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Delivering Business Value

  • Reduce the cycle time required to create, refresh, and align policies with regulatory requirements
  • Build confidence by enabling timely communication of policies, and tracking attestations from the right audiences
  • Gain assurance that the organization is in compliance with regulatory requirements by simplifying the collection of evidence with attestations
  • Proactively identify potential policy violations by managing the policy exception process in an efficient and transparent manner
  • Stay ahead of the regulatory curve by reducing the time taken to track how policies are mapped to regulations, processes, and departments

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