• 90%*
    Reduction in compliance activity costs
  • 60%*
    Faster response time to regulatory changes
*Source: Customer responses and GRC Journey Business Value Calculator

Implement an Actionable Regulatory Change Management Program

The MetricStream Regulatory Change Management App simplifies the process of capturing, understanding, and managing regulatory changes. The app provides a centralized framework with regulatory taxonomies and metadata to aggregate regulatory content from multiple trusted sources, including subscription data sources and publicly available data sources. Users can proactively identify regulatory changes, assess their impact on business processes, policies, risks, and controls, and finally, initiate and track regulatory change management tasks. The app's "multi-dimensional organization structure" capability enables organizations to model their regulatory change management programs in the context of their complex organization structures. The app is certified for conformance with global accessibility standards and best practices as defined by WCAG 2.1 Level AA and Section 508.

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Enabling High Performers

Real-time intelligence and insights for better decisions

Responsive and personalized interface designed for compliance professionals

Highly configurable to meet your specific regulatory change management requirements

Mobile ready, enabling assessments anywhere, anytime

Fast, lean, ready for the future


Regulatory Change Tracking and Aggregation

Efficiently track updates to regulations and standards. Aggregate and store regulatory content from publicly available data sources such as newsletters and regulator websites, or from private entities that provide curated regulatory content. Tag, categorize, and integrate the content into a pre-defined regulatory taxonomy where it can be segregated by specific regulatory attributes, and stored by relevant area and jurisdiction. Generate newsletters with structured regulatory content that can be shared with senior management.

Regulatory Change Triaging

Define business rules to filter and distribute regulatory change feeds as alerts to relevant stakeholders. Route the alerts to the centralized triage team for initial assessments. Enable them to map the alerts to relevant processes, risks, controls, and business units. Reject or remove alerts that are deemed irrelevant to the organization. Classify all relevant alerts based on their attributes (e.g. circular, publication, news, or guideline).

Regulatory Impact Analysis

Assess the impact of various regulatory changes on the organization through either simple or advanced methods. Analyze the impact and likelihood of risks related to regulatory updates. Additionally, capture the costs of failing to address the regulatory change. Identify individuals to conduct an impact analysis of applicable regulatory changes, and conduct surveys to evaluate the impact that the change has on the business unit.

Regulatory Development Management

Create and manage regulatory change tasks — be it updating a process/ policy, or initiating training. Assign the tasks to the appropriate task owners who can document response notes. Log any issues or findings that arise, assign action plans to manage them, and track them to closure.

Reports and Dashboards

Effectively monitor the regulatory change management process through dynamic dashboards and reports. Slice and dice the data to identify critical risk patterns and trends. Gain clear visibility into the regulatory landscape, and the organization’s ability to respond to regulatory changes

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Delivering Business Value

  • Gain agility by identifying regulatory changes in real time, and streamlining the regulatory change management process
  • Build confidence by creating a structured process to identify and track multiple complex regulatory changes
  • Reduce costs by automating regulatory change management processes
  • Ensure comprehensive coverage of regulatory changes, leveraging multiple expert opinions and perspectives
  • Deliver assurance to regulators and key stakeholders with evidence and reports from the first to fourth lines of defense
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