Case Study

Prominent National Bank Improves Policy Management Efficiency
Discover how this bank shrunk its policy approval process time by 60% and its policy search time from 50+ hours to minutes with MetricStream’s help.

Australian University Improves Resilience Against Security Incidents
Discover how the institution went from siloed and manual IT GRC processes, to a more automated, integrated, and collaborative approach with MetricStream’s help.

Leading Data Center Service Provider Strengthens IT Compliance
Discover how MetricStream helped this company improve confidence in its compliance with GDPR and SOC 2, while also simplifying risk, policy, and audit management.

A Leading Federated Agricultural Bank Builds an Integrated, Consistent, and Efficient Third Party Risk Management Program
Take a look at this case study to learn about how the bank uses “One Tool” for third-party management across the business.

Mastercard Builds a Safer Payments Ecosystem with a Fourth-Party Risk Monitoring Program
MetricStream enables Mastercard to gain a unified, holistic view of all third- and fourth-party risks and take quick risk-based decisions to mitigate the growing exposure from the extended enterprise.

Global Retailer Manages Cybersecurity Risks through an Integrated Approach
Find out how this company fostered a strong culture of cyber risk awareness and accountability across the enterprise with MetricStream solutions.

A Leading Caribbean Bank Improves Risk Transparency, Simplifies Compliance and Audit Management
Learn how MetricStream’s integrated GRC Solution enabled the bank to optimize risk-reward decisions, while strengthening compliance and governance in a way that engendered trust with customers.

North American Transport Giant Strengthens Cybersecurity with Improved Risk Transparency and Response
Find out how the company improved cybersecurity risk transparency and response with MetricStream solutions.

Leading Canadian Bank Minimizes Compliance Risks with the Help of Timely Insights
Find out how MetricStream helped the bank gain a holistic, timely view of compliance risks, thereby strengthening decision-making, while improving credibility with senior stakeholders.

Multinational Oil and Gas Company Fortifies Internal Control Systems with Efficient, Risk-Based Audits
Learn how MetricStream enabled the company to fortify internal control systems through a collaborative, streamlined, and risk-based approach to internal auditing.

Prominent European bank improves the maturity of Operational Risk Management Program
How do you strengthen the agility and efficiency of the operational risk management processes, while connecting assurance functions across the organization? Find out in this case study.

Global Bank Enhances Business Decision-Making with An Integrated View Of Risk And Compliance
Learn how a multi-national financial services company leverages MetricStream’s GRC solution to improve the efficiency of internal and regulatory compliance processes, while also strengthening risk management and business resilience.

A Public Service Department Strengthens IT Risk and Compliance Management
How do you develop a strong GRC culture, while strengthening security and IT risk management programs? Find out in this case study.

Leading Health Insurer Integrates Regulatory Compliance Efforts, Saves Time and Costs
Discover how an integrated approach to regulatory compliance enabled this health insurer to improve efficiency, while strengthening reporting and decision-making.

Global SaaS Provider Reinforces IT Compliance and Policy Management
How do you strengthen IT compliance maturity, while reducing policy management redundancies, and accelerating business performance? Find out in this case study.

A Multinational Bank Optimizes Audit Productivity with an Agile Audit Program
Learn how a leading bank & financial services organization overcame the challenges of audit silos, legacy systems, and inefficient audit processes to improve audit productivity and effectiveness across its global program.

Global IT Services Leader Optimizes Business Performance Through a Deeper Understanding of Risk
Discover how a global IT services leader aligned their performance goals with their risk management strategy, thereby strengthening their understanding of risk impact, while also accelerating their risk responses.

Global Fortune 500 Bank Builds Trust and Credibility by Improving Compliance Maturity
Complying with a vast and constantly changing web of regulations can be extremely difficult when you’re one of the world’s largest financial services institutions. Learn how one bank dealt with these challenges in an efficient and collaborative manner using MetricStream solutions.

A Financial Services Case Study: Automating IT Control Assessments
Download this case study to learn how a financial services major improved IT compliance visibility, maturity, and sustainability using MetricStream’s automated IT compliance management solution.

Top Mortgage Financing Enterprise Develops a Unified View of Risk
Discover how a leading financial services company overcame the challenges of risk silos, legacy systems, and inconsistent taxonomies to improve risk management maturity and visibility across the three lines of defense.

Leader in Global Payments Strengthens Business Resilience Through Better Third-Party Risk Management
Learn how MetricStream’s TPM solution provided a comprehensive framework to manage risks from the extended enterprise, ranging from fraud and data security related risks, to business continuity and bribery and corruption risks.

Bank of Tanzania: Value Achieved in Enterprise GRC
Discover how MetricStream enabled Bank of Tanzania to establish a long-term GRC program that touches all dimensions of the organization and drives significant efficiencies while reducing risk. In the process the bank became one of the pioneers in the region to implement a large-scale GRC project.

Bahrain Petroleum : Value Achieved in Quality Management
Bahrain Petroleum found it challenging to manage their quality audit process due to increasing number of critical incidents. With over 60 audits to be completed yearly, BAPCO lacked the automation and visibility to streamline their quality audit process. With MetricStream solution, BAPCO was able to streamline quality audit and CAPA processes.

How One of the World’s Largest Banks Is Simplifying Regulatory Engagement Management
As a large multinational organization, the bank found it increasingly challenging to manage various regulatory engagements. With the MetricStream app, the bank was able to simplify, automate, and integrate regulatory engagement management activities across their global operations, thereby enhancing trust and credibility with regulators.

Large National Bank Automates Policy and Document Management System with MetricStream’s Cloud-based App
With over 300 branches, One of the central challenges was to access and update their policies and documents regularly, while ensuring that their employees across various locations are kept abreast of these changes. Read this case study to learn how the MetricStream Policy and Document Management app helped the client over come their challenges.

A Large Middle Eastern Bank Enables Swifter Resolution of IT Risks and Threats, While Strengthening IT Compliance
Learn how MetricStream's IT GRC solution enabled the bank to integrate IT GRC processes on a common platform, while also mapping their data and automating workflows.

Leading Credit Card Company Automates and Streamlines its Case Management Processes
Learn how the MetricStream Case Management App, deployed on cloud, offered the client the abilityto streamline and automate their case management workflows. The app also enabled the client to gather and consolidate case data centrally in an organised fashion, giving stakeholders a real-time view of cases across the organisation.

Premier Food Company Improves Control over Fraud and other Enterprise Risks with Automated Risk Assessments and Real-time Risk Visibility
Learn how the MetricStream Enterprise Risk Management Solution has enabled the client to automate risk assessments and reporting workflows, strengthen fraud detection and monitoring, and standardize risk taxonomies.

Leading Middle East Bank Automates Compliance Management - Saves Time on Compliance, Resolves Issues Faster
Learn how the MetricStream Compliance Management App enabled the client to automate compliance management workflows, thereby saving time and effort. The App also provides real-time visibility into compliance processes, findings, and issues, helping the client take informed steps to preserve their credibility, and protect their reputation.

Leading Network Infrastructure Operator Establishes an Integrated Approach towards Managing Multiple IT GRC Requirements
Learn how MetricStream's comprehensive IT GRC solution helped the client manage IT risk, IT compliance, security threats and vulnerabilities, policies, and third-party risks.

One of the World’s Largest Hotel Chains Uses MetricStream’s Cloud-based Apps to Manage SOX Compliance Processes and Internal Audits
Learn how MetricStream’s internal audit and SOX compliance management apps helped the client automate and integrate audits and SOX compliance processes.

Pharmaceutical Major Accelerates Third-Party Screening, Assessment, and Onboarding with MetricStream’s Cloud-based App
Learn how MetricStream Third-Party Management App, helped client to automate and accelerate third-party assessments, qualification, information updates, and monitoring.

A Leading Life Insurance Company Reinforces Compliance with Balanced Scorecard Framework Requirements
Learn how MetricStream’ s Balanced Scorecard Framework Solution helped the client automate performance assessments of financial advisors, and track their “non-sales” KPIs more effectively, thereby strengthening compliance with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) requirements.

A Leading Technology Company Automates and Accelerates Conflict Minerals Compliance Management and Customer Reporting across Thousands of Product Components
With over one million data records to process and filter, the client found it increasingly challenging to accurately track and report their use of conflict minerals to customers. The MetricStream Conflict Minerals Compliance Management App enabled the client to automate data capturing, processing, filtering, and reporting.

Leading European Financial Group Achieves an Integrated, Real-time View of Operational Risks and Losses; Strengthens Compliance with Basel II
Learn how MetricStream centralized, cloud-based operational risk management solution helped aggregate operational risk data from 150+ banks across the organization by integrating and rolling up real time risk data to strengthen operational risk transparency. Which helped the client enhance decision-making, as well as compliance with Basel II.

Local Australian Government Implements MetricStream’s Solution to Manage Health and Safety Incidents as Well as Policies and Documents
Learn how MetricStream’s Incident Management and Policy and Document Management Apps enabled the client to integrate all their incident data and processes into one system, while also consolidating their policies in a central repository for better visibility.

Fortune 500 Chemical Manufacturer Integrates and Automates Global Internal Audits and SOX Compliance Processes Using MetricStream’s Cloud-based Apps
Learn how MetricStream’s Internal Audit and SOX Compliance Management Apps helped a Fortune 500 Chemical Manufacturer integrate and automate audits and SOX compliance processes, and strengthen efficiency, collaboration, and visibility into audit and compliance data.

A Leading American Bank Integrates Risk Assessments to Gain a 360-Degree, Real-Time View of Enterprise Risks
The bank had hundreds of risk assessments to conduct every quarter, and needed a way to aggregate all the risk data to support decision-making. MetricStream’s Cloud-based ERM App enabled them to enhance risk visibility, simplify and accelerate risk assessments and scoring, and systematically re-mediate any issues.

Leading Technology-Based Real Estate Firm Streamlines Policy and Contract Management in Just 6 Weeks
The MetricStream app effectively helped the client in streamlining their contract management process to better manage thousands of contracts and supporting documents.

Major Diversified Company Improves Audit Productivity, Efficiency, and Visibility
The cloud-based MetricStream Internal Audit Management App transformed the client’s approach to audits by automating processes, breaking down the barriers to communication, and providing comprehensive and real-time visibility into audits across the organization.

Leading Technology Company Transforms Audit Management through an Automated, Collaborative, and Risk-based Approach
Manual tools, a lack of collaboration, and limited data visibility were hindering the client’s audit management processes. MetricStream’ s centralized Audit Management Solution helped the client overcome these challenges by automating audit management workflows, providing a real-time view of audit data, and enabling cross functional communication.

Large Renewable Energy Company Streamlines Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management
MetricStream apps deployed on cloud offered the client end-to-end compliance management and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) capabilities, faster time-to-value, robust security, flexibility, and agility at low implementation costs, along with the ability to extend the system to other local operations in the future.

One of the World’s Largest Insurance and Reinsurance Providers Streamlines and Integrates Their IT GRC Program
MetricStream IT GRC Solution streamlined, automated, and standardized IT GRC processes , thereby improved productivity, and saving cost and time. It replaced various siloed IT compliance and control systems with a single, integrated solution. It also helped in control harmonization and minimizing redundancies with improved collaboration.

Leading Entertainment and Media Corporation Adopts a Holistic Approach to Social Compliance Management across Thousands of Factories Worldwide
As one of the world’s most socially responsible brands, the client strives to foster a safe, healthy, and inclusive working environment in their manufacturing facilities through a comprehensive social compliance audit program.

Vendor Risk Management: From Start to Finish in 12 Weeks with MetricStream GRC Cloud
Zurich Insurance selected the MetricStream VRM solution, deployed over MetricStream GRC Cloud, within 12 weeks. The solution has centralized all vendor governance and risk data in a common database, making it easier for the company to track and mitigate vendor risks and other areas of concerns. The solution has also increased efficiency by replacing spreadsheet-based processes with tightly streamlined and automated workflows.

One of India’s Largest Chemical Manufacturers Achieves an Integrated, Enterprise-wide View of Compliance across Multiple Central and State Regulations 
MetricStream’s solution provided a single, unified system to manage and track compliance across the organization. All regulations, business units, and compliance activities were linked together in the solution to enhance compliance transparency, and to help the client identify and address compliance concerns effectively.

Standardizing Compliance Risk Assessments and Strengthening Reporting
MetricStream partnered with Societe Generale, providing the technology to organize data and help the bank strengthen reporting. By using the MetricStream solution, the bank was be able to view all relevant regulations, procedures, controls, training, risk subjects, and actions plans – providing a truly global overview of compliance risks. 

Leading Financial Services Company Strengthens Compliance with OCC’s Vendor Risk Management Guidelines
The MetricStream Vendor Risk Management solution provided a single point of reference to manage vendor risks, maintain vendor information, conduct due diligence, remediate issues, and generate reports for analysis and decision-making. 

Leading Global Bank Improves Internal Audit Efficiency through an Automated, Risk-based Approach
MetricStream Internal Audit Management Solution has streamlined and automated the internal audit lifecycle across the client’s global enterprise, enabling the audit team now to focus less on cumbersome data entry and reporting tasks, and more on critical audit analysis. 

Fortune 500 Global Bank Improves Regulatory Compliance and Data Quality with MetricStream Regulatory Compliance Management Solution
MetricStream Regulatory Compliance Management Solution enabled the client automate and streamline all of its regulatory compliance initiatives by creating a single point of reference for all regulations and a centralized data repository, thus achieving greater operational excellence.

Oil Super Major Streamlines and Strengthens Enterprise-wide Investigation Management Program with MetricStream Solution
MetricStream Investigation Management Solution, enabled the client to strengthen and streamline its investigation management program by providing a robust system to capture, store, and report all investigation related information on single and secure system.

Risk Management Journey A - Z
Building an integrated and transparent approach to risk management

Leading Pharmaceutical Company Improves Visibility and Efficiency of its Global Audit Programs
MetricStream solution helped the client implement industry best practices for efficient audit execution, and ensured integration of the internal audit process with the risk and compliance management systems.

Fortune 100 Health Care Company Automates Supply Chain Risk Assessments, and Achieves Real-time Risk Visibility
MetricStream Supply Chain Risk Assessment Solution provides a central, Web-based framework to consolidate and map together all supply chain risk assessment data, processes, products, sites, and owners.

Fortune 500 Semiconductor Manufacturer Centralizes Audit Management, Strengthens Visibility into Audit Activities and Data across Multiple Countries
MetricStream Audit Management Solution, helped the client to streamline and automate global audits for optimal resource-efficiency, while also integrating all audit activities and data in a common framework for complete visibility.

Fortune 100 Consumer Electronics Company Establishes a “Single Source of Truth” for Social Compliance and Sustainability Audits across Hundreds of Suppliers Worldwide
MetricStream solution, helped the client to simplify and accelerate their regulatory compliance, SOX, and internal audit processes, while also gaining more visibility into the right data at the right time.

Implementing a Federated Approach to Operational Risk Management
Enabling flexible risk-control self-assessments at the business unit level, while simultaneously rolling up risk data from across business units to provide an integrated risk view at the enterprise level

Building an Integrated & Sustainable Enterprise Risk Management Framework - DUBAL
Improving risk management maturity, strengthening decision-making

Global Investment Management Major Enables an Automated, Streamlined, and Proactive Approach to Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Audits
MetricStream solution, helped the client to simplify and accelerate their regulatory compliance, SOX, and internal audit processes, while also gaining more visibility into the right data at the right time

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