Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies are faced with a range of challenges including numerous regulatory requirements, IT and operational risks, policy violations, product quality issues, environment, health, and safety concerns, and complex supply chains. Isolated initiatives to manage these challenges have often proven to be ineffective, unscalable, and costly.

MetricStream offers manufacturers multiple Apps and Solutions for enterprise GRC, IT GRC, supply chain GRC, quality management, and environment and sustainability management. The Solutions standardize policy, risk, audit, and compliance management processes, while strengthening collaboration across various stakeholders, and supporting swift risk mitigation. As a result, manufacturers are better able to enhance quality, minimize supplier risk and compliance issues, and lower compliance costs.

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MetricStream GRC Apps and Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

MetricStream provides a range of integrated Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Apps and Solutions to simplify and strengthen IT GRC, supply chain GRC, audits, quality management, and environment, health, and safety management. The Solutions equip manufacturers with rich technological capabilities, best practice workflows, and content to establish robust GRC and quality management programs across the enterprise and supply chain.

Multiple manufacturers leverage our Solutions to integrate quality assurance functions, and to align GRC initiatives with their business strategy, thereby reducing complexity, and enhancing decision-making. The Solutions also enable manufacturers to strengthen supply chain transparency, proactively mitigate risks at every level in the supply chain, and establish and monitor effective corporate social responsibility and environment sustainability practices.


  • Gain real-time visibility into quality management processes and key performance metrics.
  • Strengthen supplier governance through streamlined and automated workflows.
  • Efficiently track compliance with environment, health, and safety requirements across the enterprise and supply chain.
  • Proactively identify, track, and resolve compliance, risk, and quality issues.
  • Detect and mitigate information security risks and threats in a timely manner.
  • Establish a culture of risk awareness, good governance, and compliance at every level of the enterprise.

Customer Corner

  • BAE Systems

  • Cummins

  • Emirates Global Aluminium

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