Health Insurance Industry

Amidst demands for better healthcare coverage, health insurance companies have to cope with multiple risks, ranging from market, credit, and operational risks, to emerging risks around cybersecurity. Regulatory scrutiny has also increased with new laws such as the Affordable Care Act, as well as NAIC MAR and other audits.

MetricStream provides multiple Apps and Solutions for compliance management, risk management, policy management, audit management, and IT GRC which are designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of the Health Insurance Industry. Our Solutions streamline, automate, and integrate GRC processes across the enterprise, enabling you to mitigate risks in a timely manner, strengthen regulatory compliance, proactively prepare for external audits, and resolve issues swiftly.

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MetricStream Apps and Solutions for the Health Insurance Industry

MetricStream's integrated Enterprise GRC and IT GRC Apps and Solutions enable health insurers to establish robust and efficient processes for risk management, governance, and compliance.

The flexible, scalable, and extensible Solutions provide a rich range of capabilities to develop and manage policies and procedures, assess and mitigate risks, plan and conduct multiple audits, and investigate and resolve issues that arise. With an emphasis on transparency and accountability, the Solutions enable insurers to strengthen business performance through effective GRC.

Multiple health insurers leverage MetricStream Apps and Solutions to optimize risk-reward outcomes, enhance trust and credibility with regulators, protect information security, and optimize capital structures.


  • Strengthen compliance with multiple regulations including HIPAA, NAIC MAR, the Affordable Care Act, and Medicare and Medicaid mandates.
  • Avoid data breaches and violations by strengthening IT governance.
  • Effectively mitigate multiple risks with the help of comprehensive, real-time risk intelligence.
  • Proactively prepare for NAIC MAR and other audits. Resolve issues and gaps in a timely manner.
  • Efficiently create, enforce, and manage a wide range of policies, procedures, and documents.

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