Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is grappling with numerous compliance requirements and industry standards such as JCAHO, HIPAA and other national and state healthcare regulations. Patient safety and quality are also under constant scrutiny. Meanwhile, recent data breaches have raised new concerns around information security and privacy.

MetricStream Apps and Solutions are designed to effectively manage and track these risks, regulations, and compliance activities, as well as policies and audits. Our Solutions for enterprise GRC, IT GRC, vendor risk management, and more streamline, integrate, and automate GRC processes across the enterprise. They also provide in-depth and timely GRC insights that enable you to enhance regulatory compliance, swiftly mitigate risks, and strengthen patient care and quality.

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MetricStream Apps and Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

MetricStream GRC Solutions for the Healthcare Industry facilitate a holistic approach to healthcare audit management, compliance management, risk management, policy management, vendor risk management and more.

The Solutions enable healthcare providers to improve risk transparency, and harmonize multiple compliance initiatives. They also enhance audit productivity and efficiency, and accelerate issue identification and management.

Healthcare providers using MetricStream Solutions gain the tools and data they need to achieve consistently high levels of patient safety and quality, while consistently complying with regulations, and building a strong reputation.


  • Enhance compliance with a range of healthcare regulations through a common framework and an integrated approach.
  • Accelerate your preparation for healthcare audits. Manage appeals in a smooth, efficient manner.
  • Quickly detect and resolve information security risks and vulnerabilities through actionable security intelligence.
  • Gain enterprise-wide visibility into vendor risks, compliance, and performance. Resolve issues in a timely manner.
  • Manage multiple GRC initiatives from one GRC solution. Eliminate duplicate costs of software, hardware, training, and rollouts.

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