Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies are constantly challenged to meet the rising standards of quality, and to comply with rigorous regulatory requirements ranging from FDA GXPs and the phRMA code, to cross-industry mandates such as EPA, USDA, and FCPA requirements.

MetricStream Apps and Solutions provide an integrated environment to manage a range of compliance requirements, risks, audits, and product and supplier quality processes. Our solutions for FDA compliance, quality management, supplier governance, audit management, and more enable you to effectively assess multiple risks and controls, monitor compliance with a range of regulations, and capture and resolve quality issues in a timely manner across the product lifecycle.

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MetricStream GRC Solutions for the Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Industry

MetricStream GRC Solutions for the Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Industry streamline and accelerate product and supplier quality management, risk management, compliance, policy, and audit management processes -- right from the pre-market stage to post-market surveillance.

With best practice workflows, access to training content from an expert community, and a rich range of technological capabilities, MetricStream GRC Solutions are leveraged to build reliable and transparent supply chains, and to manage and mitigate risks swiftly and efficiently.

Pharmaceutical and life science companies are thus able to achieve faster time to market, while enhancing product quality, and strengthening regulatory compliance.


  • Accelerate product development, approval, and release cycles with real-time visibility into quality, risk, and performance metrics.
  • Lower the cost of regulatory compliance through streamlined and automated compliance management processes.
  • Minimize non-compliance risk by adopting an integrated approach where compliance is built into each quality system.
  • Proactively identify, track, and resolve quality issues.
  • Create a transparent risk and compliance environment where decisions are based on hard facts and metrics.

Customer Corner

  • Aurobindo Pharma

  • Philips Healthcare

  • INC Research

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