The increasing dependency on globally dispersed third and fourth party networks significantly exposes organizations to business disruption caused by third or fourth party disasters. Therefore, proactively monitoring and managing such disasters is critical to ensure business continuity. DisasterAWARE has collaborated with countries throughout the world to identify threats, avoid risks, and improve the capacity to cope with numerous hazards.

The MetricStream and DisasterAWARE Integrated Offering

The MetricStream Third Party Management App integrates with DisasterAWARE’s risk intelligence platform to provide disaster intelligence and situational awareness for improved risk management and business continuity initiatives. Businesses can gain real-time hazard alerts based on hundreds of geospatial data sets from current meteorological observational data to historical incidents. The MetricStream Third Party Management App provides insights from DIsasterAWARE to enable organizations to proactively monitor the risks in the extended enterprise. Risk intelligence on historical crisis events of the third party during the screening process improves the quality of the on-boarded third parties. Early warning signals for threats like hurricanes, wildfires, and floods enable stakeholders to quickly communicate with business units as well as the third parties in a timely manner to ensure prompt remediation to prevent disruption.

Value Proposition

  • Mitigate concentration risk with ability to understand and map clustering of third parties based on historical exposure.

  • Sharpen risk response with accurately visualized maps of the disaster location and impacted third parties.

  • Improve risk visibility by monitoring geophysical risks and impact with the disaster intelligence dashboard.

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