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Solution Briefs

Featured Solution Briefs

Simplifying GDPR Compliance
Learn how the MetricStream M7 GDPR Solution helps companies manage multiple GDPR requirements, enable a risk-based approach to compliance, and build a robust data protection and governance framework.

Simplify IT Compliance by Leveraging the MetricStream and UCF Common Controls Hub Integration
Discover how the integration between the UCF Common Controls Hub (CCH) and the market-leading MetricStream IT Compliance Management App enables companies to harmonize controls, reduce compliance costs, and improve IT governance.


The MetricStream M7 Solution for EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
MetricStream IT GRC solution provides a Risk based approach to GDPR compliance by leveraging the IT Risk management and IT Compliance Management Apps

Vendor Risk Management
MetricStream provides a comprehensive, scalable, and Web-based solution that is designed to help organizations effectively manage vendor risks, performance, and governance. Leading institutions are replacing their point solutions and paper-based systems with MetricStream's solution to streamline and automate the vendor management life-cycle, and gain real-time visibility into vendor risks and controls.

Third Party Due Diligence
Implementing a streamlined, resource-efficient, and sustainable approach to mitigating third-party risks, monitoring compliance, and managing issues and investigations.

Integrated Quality Management Solution
In today's globalized markets, the competition is fierce, while customer expectations are greater than ever. Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, and regulations around the quality of products and services are becoming more stringent. Organizations are thus under increasing pressure to demonstrate their commitment to quality based on the implementation of effective quality management systems, good corporate governance practices, sound environmental policies, and a robust safety culture. As a result, companies are seeking to deploy Integrated Quality Management Solutions that can bring all business units under a single program, replace segmented decision making, and lead to successful synergizing of the supply chain.

Managing the UK Anti-bribery Act with a Preventive Approach
With the enforcement of the UK Anti-bribery Act this year, many companies from various industry verticals are looking at managing compliance to this regulation more efficiently. Preventive approach and investment in technology solutions allows companies to be on top of the act’s requirements and ensure the mandates are followed consistently throughout the enterprise.

Simplify, Strengthen and Streamline Compliance with the IIA Standards
This brief provides a high level overview on the IIA Standards, challenges for Internal Auditors and CAEs to comply with Standards and how to build a robust internal audit framework that will help them overcome compliance challenges and enhance efficiency and performance

Enable a Collaborative, Transparent and Efficient Approach to Risk Management in Healthcare Organizations leveraging MetricStream Solutions
Every day, healthcare providers make decisions that directly impact people’s health and safety. A single error on their part could cause irreversible damage to a patient’s life, and lead to expensive lawsuits, billions of dollars in damages, and a permanently tarnished reputation. To effectively manage risks, healthcare providers need to implement a robust risk management framework that is based on industry standards and best practices, and is efficient, transparent and proactive.

Policy and Procedure Management
MetricStream solution provides a flexible framework to streamline the creation and management of a healthcare organization’s policies. The solution enables organizations to adopt an electronic and automated approach to the development, maintenance, and communication of policies and procedures across the enterprise.

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