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Solution Briefs

Featured Solution Briefs

Audit Management in Oil & Gas Industry
MetricStream offers comprehensive audit management solution for Oil & Gas companies which can addresses all the audit requirements of the industry across upstream, midstream and downstream processes. The solution facilitates a federated approach which allows Oil & Gas companies to manage a variety of audits including pipeline audits, safety audits, rig and well audits, joint venture audits and many more.

Preparing for Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) Filings
The MetricStream ERM solution for Risk Capital Solvency Assessment enables insurance companies to create a risk appetite framework for capital allocation under normal and stressed conditions and supports ORSA regulatory filings. It allows all ORSA compliance and risk management data to be organized into reusable risk libraries within a single solution.


The MetricStream M7 Solution for EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
MetricStream IT GRC solution provides a Risk based approach to GDPR compliance by leveraging the IT Risk management and IT Compliance Management Apps

Corporate Compliance Solution
The MetricStream Corporate Compliance Solution supports enterprise-wide collaboration for ensuring compliance to various regulations and polices as well as promoting ethical conduct in the organization.

Vendor Risk Management
MetricStream provides a comprehensive, scalable, and Web-based solution that is designed to help organizations effectively manage vendor risks, performance, and governance. Leading institutions are replacing their point solutions and paper-based systems with MetricStream's solution to streamline and automate the vendor management life-cycle, and gain real-time visibility into vendor risks and controls.

A Collaborative Approach for Successful Legal and Corporate Compliance Management
MetricStream solutions help Retail, Consumer product goods organizations to take a collaborative and consistent approach to Legal and Corporate Compliance, maintain regulatory requirements and guidelines in a structured manner, and streamline compliance processes so that all departments can enforce and track them easily. The solution facilitates a federated approach which allows compliance and legal teams to effectively manage their individual responsibilities while simultaneously exchanging compliance information and rolling it up to be viewed by the management and board. This enterprise-wide collaboration is extremely important in proactively preventing unethical behavior and misconduct.

Third Party Due Diligence
Implementing a streamlined, resource-efficient, and sustainable approach to mitigating third-party risks, monitoring compliance, and managing issues and investigations.

Protect Your Brand and Your Consumers: Strengthen Product Quality, Safety, and Compliance through a Streamlined, Integrated Approach
MetricStream solution provides a common system to manage product quality and safety regulations, communicate requirements to suppliers, capture and analyze testing and compliance data, and proactively address issues. 

Integrated Quality Management Solution
In today's globalized markets, the competition is fierce, while customer expectations are greater than ever. Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, and regulations around the quality of products and services are becoming more stringent. Organizations are thus under increasing pressure to demonstrate their commitment to quality based on the implementation of effective quality management systems, good corporate governance practices, sound environmental policies, and a robust safety culture. As a result, companies are seeking to deploy Integrated Quality Management Solutions that can bring all business units under a single program, replace segmented decision making, and lead to successful synergizing of the supply chain.

Responsible Sourcing - Ethical and Social Compliance Audit Management Solutions for Retail and Consumer Organizations 
MetricStream Social Compliance Management Solution provides a comprehensive framework and an integrated and automated approach to manage all social compliance requirements. The solution consolidates and streamlines all supplier social compliance processes, ranging from social compliance policy/ code of conduct management and communication, to supplier on-boarding information, to policy training, to survey and certification management, to compliance monitoring, to audits and reporting.

Strengthening the Legal Program by Embedding Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Principles
With increasing litigation expenses, heightened regulatory requirements and broader role of chief legal officers, organizations today need to focus more sharply on defending corporate interests, avoiding harsh penalties, preventing fraud within the organization, reducing extended litigation periods and managing huge legal expenses.

Managing the UK Anti-bribery Act with a Preventive Approach
With the enforcement of the UK Anti-bribery Act this year, many companies from various industry verticals are looking at managing compliance to this regulation more efficiently. Preventive approach and investment in technology solutions allows companies to be on top of the act’s requirements and ensure the mandates are followed consistently throughout the enterprise.

Simplify, Strengthen and Streamline Compliance with the IIA Standards
This brief provides a high level overview on the IIA Standards, challenges for Internal Auditors and CAEs to comply with Standards and how to build a robust internal audit framework that will help them overcome compliance challenges and enhance efficiency and performance

Managing Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) prohibits companies from paying bribes to foreign government officials and political figures. Organizations violating this law by paying bribes are subject to criminal and civil actions, resulting in fines, suspension, and exclusion from government procurement contracts. MetricStream provides a comprehensive framework to help enterprises streamline, automate and monitor important aspects of FCPA compliance while combining best-in-class technology with relevant regulatory content.

Enable a Collaborative, Transparent and Efficient Approach to Risk Management in Healthcare Organizations leveraging MetricStream Solutions
Every day, healthcare providers make decisions that directly impact people’s health and safety. A single error on their part could cause irreversible damage to a patient’s life, and lead to expensive lawsuits, billions of dollars in damages, and a permanently tarnished reputation. To effectively manage risks, healthcare providers need to implement a robust risk management framework that is based on industry standards and best practices, and is efficient, transparent and proactive.

HIPAA and HITECH lay out strict standards governing information security and privacy of patient information. While HIPAA/HITECH may be a boon to the security of healthcare information, they also throw up a number of challenges like high costs, tracking regulatory changes, extensive documentation and several others. MetricStream provides a comprehensive framework to help organizations streamline and automate all aspects of HIPAA/HITECH compliance.

Incident and Case Management
MetricStream solution for Incident and Case Management is a comprehensive solution that enables healthcare pro¬viders to establish and follow consistent procedures for incident capture, exception logging, loss event tracking, task management and status reporting.

Policy and Procedure Management
MetricStream solution provides a flexible framework to streamline the creation and management of a healthcare organization’s policies. The solution enables organizations to adopt an electronic and automated approach to the development, maintenance, and communication of policies and procedures across the enterprise.

Leveraging AS5 to Streamline SOX Compliance
(SOX) compliance. Despite three years of experience with SOX, auditors and enterprises still struggle to achieve a balance between effective compliance, and the high cost to sustaining the SOX initiative. AS5 has added new dimensions to SOX 404 compliance – focusing audits on core matters, eliminating unnecessary procedures, scaling audits for smaller companies, and simplifying compliance requirements. As a result, many finance experts expect AS5 to trim down the costs for SOX 404 compliance.

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