Mobile GRC Apps

MetricStream Mobile Apps for GRC enable you to access and manage key GRC data and processes through mobile devices. You can get all the vital risk, audit and compliance information you need at a glance, wherever you go. MetricStream Mobile Apps simplify remote access, drive quick decisions and ease information capture. Keeping in line with the growing bring your own device culture, we have designed and developed mobile native Apps purpose built to resolve GRC pain points.

By leveraging mobile solutions, you can perform quick field checks, populate findings, and update mass information into a centralized database all through your mobile device. Moreover, the mobile apps integrate with device camera, GPS and voice functions for advanced capabilities.

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Online Centralized Repository

Perform GRC-related tasks offline and seamlessly synchronize data

Email and SMS Functionalities

Send notifications and alerts securely

Collaborative Access

For better, faster stakeholders decisions

Real-Time Data Synchronization

Enable workforce productivity across various devices.

Consolidates of Tasks

Unified and single view from multiple process sources


  • Quick and easy access, on the go
  • Control and manage GRC programs from any mobile device
  • Record and view GRC data at remote locations even with no network connectivity
  • Seamless real-time risk intelligence, alerts and information Integrate with device camera, GPS, voice functions
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