MetricStream Cloud: Designed for GRC

MetricStream is leading the way in enabling companies to deploy GRC apps on the cloud. Built on state-of-the-art virtualization and containerization technologies, the MetricStream GRC Cloud is a fast and easy way to get your GRC apps up and running with optimal reliability, security, and scalability. The GRC Cloud accelerates the deployment of GRC apps, and requires lower investments than traditional on-premise infrastructure.

Secure, Separated Server Instances

MetricStream’ s multi-instance architecture gives you a separate server environment to secure your information, and to avoid any data co-mingling

Fast to Deploy and Use

Designed to be deployed in minutes, the MetricStream GRC Cloud offers high availability and scalability, as well as advanced security and access controls

Configured and Sized for Specific Needs

The GRC Cloud is available in three distinct cloud tiers tailored to your needs

MetricStream Multi-Instance Architecture: Separation for Performance and Security

MetricStream's multi-instance cloud uses the latest container technologies to create dedicated, secure environments for each organization, and enable full separation of instances on shared hardware or public clouds. Your dedicated instance is focused on your business.

The entire infrastructure and technology stack is designed to support the quick deployment and scalability of GRC apps. MetricStream provides a GRC-specific cloud control plane to manage availability in a transparent manner, and to enable service assurance across the cloud. The cloud control plane also supports rapid provisioning, upgrade safety, and security across a global footprint.

MetricStream Multi-Instance Architecture: Evolve At Your Own Pace

Monolithic cloud architectures force all enterprises sharing an application to upgrade at the same time. This can be a challenge for most applications, but it is particularly difficult for GRC systems. You cannot, for instance, upgrade your audit management app in the middle of the audit committee’s preparation. To overcome this hurdle, MetricStream gives you the option to tailor your upgrade timelines based on your unique needs.

Dedicated GRC Stack

The entire infrastructure and technology stack is designed from the ground up for the specifics of GRC apps. A GRC-specific Cloud Control Plane enables you to transparently manage availability. The close integration of DevOps technologies makes it easy to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory and business environment.

The Right Cloud Tier for GRC Needs

MetricStream offers three cloud editions to meet various budget and performance needs.

  • GRC Express

    Simple and fast to deploy. Up and running in minutes. The solution for straightforward, smaller GRC deployments.

  • Standard

    Separate production and preview instances. High-level disaster recovery capabilities, as well as custom update and validation cycles

  • Premium

    For the extremely high demands of sophisticated GRC programs. Customized performance and functionality. Top-of-the-line disaster recovery capabilities.

Global Footprint

Our data centers are located globally for customers to host data based on their business needs and regulatory requirements.

Fully-Integrated Cloud-Based Business Intelligence

MetricStream leverages Tableau to offer integrated business intelligence on the cloud. Users have the ability to slice and visualize data according to their individual needs.

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