Infolets Technology

MetricStream Infolet technology is a data integration engine that connects to external systems to streamline, simplify and accelerate data capture, integration and processing. The Infolet architecture supports a wide variety of data sources and types, including Big Data, with options for exchanging information using various protocols and interfaces such as Web Services and XML based APIs. Infolet-based integration adaptors enable MetricStream GRC Platform to employ an open architecture, integrate with other systems, and operate effectively in a heterogeneous IT environment. It is also designed to extract implementation details from dependent App objects such as forms, reports and workflows.

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Data Integration

Supports integration with internal and external systems for specific GRC purposes.

Agent-based Interfaces

Integration with dynamic data from external systems through flat files, messaging interfaces, and Web Services APIs.

Scheduling Engine

Sophisticated scheduling engine for batch processing or unattended background data processing.

Integration Instances

Proven integration with many third-party ERP, CRM, PLM, MES, BI, and security systems.


  • Streamline, simplify and accelerate data capture, integration and processing.
  • Integrate with information source and map information to the correct destination.
  • Monitor the frequency with which the information is obtained.
  • Filter information for end-users.
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