White Papers

CXO Roundtable at the GRC Summit 2019 – Key Takeaways
Learn about the key highlights and takeaways from MetricStream’s inaugural CXO Roundtable on integrated risk management, the future of internal audit, and cyber risk management.

CXO Roundtable at The London Houses of Parliament - Key Takeaways
Take a look at this whitepaper to learn about the key takeaways from the MetricStream-hosted CXO Roundtable at The London Houses of Parliament.

Building a Shareholder Value-Focused Integrated Risk Program
Today, the biggest impact of non-financial risk incidents lies not in financial losses but in the long-term erosion of shareholder value. Read this whitepaper to understand why a shareholder value-focused integrated risk program is crucial to an organization’s success.

2017 MetricStream Labs Report: From M7 to the GRC of Everything
Explore the new technologies which are influencing the GRC market. The MetricStream Labs Report lays out how MetricStream sees the world of GRC evolving to become more intelligence-driven; how it is shifting the accountability for risk and compliance management to the business; and how it is ultimately helping improve business performance.

Business Value for IT GRC
IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)management is becoming increasingly integratedacross a wide and expanding set of use cases -moving beyond traditional IT security managementinto IT risk management, IT compliance, policymanagement, threat and vulnerabilitymanagement, third-party management, and more.In OCEG’s 2017 GRC Maturity Survey, over 72% oforganizations stated that they are executing an integrated GRC vision, and 89% claim that the benefits realized have met or exceeded their expectations.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Framework
Growing regulatory environment, higher business complexity and increased focus on accountability have led enterprises to pursue a broad range of governance, risk and compliance initiatives across the organization. However, these initiatives are uncoordinated and potentially increase the overall business risk for the organization. This is leading organizations to take a unified approach to GRC. This paper details the various steps and benefits of implementing Unified GRC strategy.

Integrated Risk and Compliance Management for Banks and Financial Services Organizations: Benefits of a Holistic Approach
Banks and financial services organizations of all sizes are now more concerned than ever about risk and compliance management. This white paper discusses the current risk and compliance environment for banks and financial institutions, strategies for successfully implementing Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) programs and how technology can be leveraged to adopt a holistic approach to risk and compliance management.

Improve GRC Maturity through Combined Assurance
This paper provides insights on how combined assurance is a vital aspect when achieving the next level of GRC maturity.

Benefits of IT Risk Management Process Automation
Most IT organizations struggle with ensuring visibility into and control over IT risks due to the complexity of IT environments in large corporations. It is a challenge to ensure consistency in measuring and managing IT risk, and assessing its impact on disparate areas of the organization. It is becoming increasingly important to automate the IT risk management process to ensure effective monitoring & mitigation of IT risks.

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