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Typically, enterprises across the globe implement surveys and self-assessments to track internal or external compliance with policies and programs around conflicts of interest, codes of conduct, gifts and entertainment, anti-bribery, information security awareness, and other governance requirements. However, survey execution can often be a complex task with different stages such as survey planning and design, aggregation and analysis of findings, and data reporting. Additionally, it can be tedious, time-consuming, and resource-intensive to manage survey processes using traditional manual tools such as papers and spreadsheets.

The MetricStream Survey Management App enables a systematic and automated process to manage surveys for systems compliance, process compliance, risk assessments, HR policy awareness, legal attestations, etc. The app fosters accountability by streamlining the flow of information and records, and documenting attestations and representations at appropriate stages. Moreover, the reporting engine built on the MetricStream GRC Platform aggregates survey data, and enables the exploration and evaluation of survey findings at the enterprise level.

The app's multi-dimensional organization structure capability enables the management of surveys in complex organizational set ups, across business units and locations.The app is also certified for conformance with global accessibility standards and best practices as defined by WCAG 2.1 Level AA and Section 508.

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Enabling High Performers

Responsive and personalized interface designed for GRC professionals

Highly configurable to meet your specific survey management requirements

Mobile ready, enabling surveys to be tracked and managed anywhere, anytime

Real-time intelligence and insights for better decisions

Fast, lean, ready for the future


Survey Creation and Initiation

Leverage the app to create or upload survey questionnaires, scorecards, and certifications. Design a comprehensive survey management plan, detailing the frequency of the survey, approval workflows, and reminders. Distribute the survey to respondents directly from the app.

Survey Response Management

Enable respondents to fill in the survey through the app, and save the document before submission. Allow the respondents to collaborate with other users, or reassign the survey to another respondent. Also, give respondents access to additional contextual information to respond to the survey. Pre-populate a new survey with responses received from a previous one, with similar questions. Track the completion status of the survey responses. Allow closed responses to be reopened in the system. Download multiple surveys and work on them offline. Print the survey while in progress, or when complete.

Survey Approval

Once the responses have been collected, route the forms to approvers for comments. Enable the approvers to accept the responses or request for further clarifications from the respondents. Once the review cycle is complete, publish the survey results through the app.

Issue Management

Record, manage, and remediate issues that are identified in the survey management process. Capture detailed information about each issue, categorize it based on severity levels, and identify the responsible department or user. Establish action plans to resolve the issue, and track them to closure.

Monitoring, Reporting, and Metrics

Gain enterprise-wide visibility into the survey management process through graphical executive dashboards and flexible reporting capabilities. Generate reports to track survey metrics, along with scorecards and compliance dashboards. Drill down to view survey related statistics and data by a variety of parameters.

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Key Benefits

  • Simplify the creation and distribution of surveys to numerous respondents
  • Automate the collection and collation of responses
  • Strengthen collaboration on survey activities across the organization
  • Analyze survey data, and correlate it with past data
  • Leverage advanced analytics, business intelligence, and key metrics dashboards for informed decision-making
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