45 days in MetricStream…Un-learn, Re-Learn and Get Change Ready

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Over the last 45 days as Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Asia Pacific Region, I had had the opportunity to talk to over 100+ customers, partners and potential MetricStreamers and I am excited by what I hear!

This is a growth market where GRC is table stakes! But what our customers and partners are looking for is innovation that helps them thrive on risk, using risk as a competitive differentiator and risk by design as a thought process, when they develop their products and services. As the velocity and complexity of risks increases, organizations will need more contextualized insights. They need to make GRC pervasive through automation, AI and frontline engagement; simplify risk-informed decision-making and seize opportunities versus simply mitigating risk.

As I build our presence in the region, I am excited by our customer stories. Of how our solutions have solved complex challenges to quantify cyber risks and prioritize investments; increase collaboration by breaking down risk, compliance, and audit silos; enabled the frontline to surface issues in real time and help create a compliant, risk-aware culture across enterprises that empowers our customers thrive on risk. All of this with the strong foundation of a single integrated risk platform that is layered with advanced analytics and AI.

As a leader in GRC and Integrated Risk Management solutions we must capitalize on today’s greatest changes and identify emerging trends. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is an emerging trend, and we think about it as part of GRC reporting.  Innovation is more essential than ever. We need to offer our customers products that solve problems and keep them profitable and ahead of the competition.

As our business scales, our network of partners is critical to delivering an exceptional customer experience anywhere in the world. We are set to increase our pace. I am looking forward to working closely with customers, partners and MetricStreamers to empower our customers to make real time risk-aware decisions that accelerate business performance, strengthen resilience, and enhance their brand reputation.

For all potential MetricStreamers, I promise it will be fun in making APAC, the fastest growing region in MetricStream!

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