MetricStream Arno Release: What’s New in Policy and Document Management and Business Continuity Management Mobile Apps

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The forces of digitalization and globalization continue to shape the working environment and conditions. The way we work has drastically changed over the years and is still evolving. Our work location today is no longer confined to office premises and work itself is no longer dependent on desktop computers or laptops. ‘Work from anywhere’ has become the new normal and quite often all you need is a mobile phone and internet connectivity to get the job done.

Understanding these dynamic business requirements, MetricStream continues to innovate to better equip risk and compliance professionals to perform their roles and responsibilities with ease and on the go. Towards this goal, we are delivering some new functionalities on our Policy and Document Management and Business Continuity Management mobile apps with the MetricStream Arno Release.

Policy and Document Management Mobile App

MetricStream Policy and Document Management helps organizations automate the entire lifecycle management of policies from creation, review, approval, communication, storage, maintenance, to obsolescence and retirement of policies. It provides a consistent policy management framework.

The MetricStream Arno Release adds the following new functionalities to the mobile app:

  • Policy Attestation: Users can now attest policies/documents by providing responses/comments through mobile devices.
  • Request Exceptions (Approval workflow): Authorized personnel can approve policy exception requests through an approval workflow using the PDMS mobile application.
  • Additional Reports: Users will be able to view the documents marked as favorites (bookmarks), most accessed as well as most recent documents on the mobile app.

Business Continuity Management Mobile App

MetricStream Business Continuity Management (BCM) enables organizations to identify potential threats and assess the impact on business operations should those threats be realized. It also provides a framework to strengthen business resilience with an agile and effective response strategy.

The MetricStream Arno Release brings the following new features to the mobile app:

  • Create Notification (Approval Workflow): Users will receive the Notification form on the mobile app if they’re selected as an approver. They can now review the details, make modifications, request clarifications from the notification Creator, and approve the plan from the mobile app.
  • Ongoing Exercises: Users can view the list of approved exercises in the mobile app and perform actions such as Assign Ad-hoc Tasks, Send Ad-hoc Notifications, Trigger Notifications, and Cancel through the Ongoing Exercises report.

Improved User Experience

In addition, the following functionalities have also been added to both Policy and Document Management and Business Continuity Management mobile apps to improve the user experience:

  • Working in Offline Mode: End users can now migrate their online tasks to offline mode, work on them while disconnected from the network and then synchronize back to the application whenever they are online.
  • Deep linking with E-mail: Users can access e-mail notifications regarding assignments directly via the device default E-mail app. The assignment link provided in the e-mail requiring user actions (respond, clarify, approve, etc.) can now be launched directly within the M7 Mobile App.
  • Export Reports through E-mail: Users can download reports available in the mobile app for offline purposes. The mobile app now provides the option to export the available reports to a user through E-mail.

We are excited to offer these enhancements as part of our endeavor to make a GRC-enabled world a reality. The new features and functionalities extend the capabilities of our mobile apps and support the evolving needs of businesses resulting from the pandemic-driven accelerated pace of digital transformation. We will continue this journey to deliver on our promise of constantly improving the experience of our customers.



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