MetricStream and Thomson Reuters Partner to Simplify Regulatory Compliance Challenges

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Did you know that there are more than 56,000 regulatory alerts produced every year from more than 1,000 regulatory bodies across the globe? This averages to 200+ updates every day.

The MetricStream Compliance Management offerings brings together regulations, processes, controls, risks, policies and cases in a central point of reference, so that customers have the visibility to effectively manage and monitor compliance.

Organizations need to be constantly updated about ever-changing regulations in order to be compliant. To facilitate this, MetricStream recently partnered with Thomson Reuters to help financial institutions and other heavily regulated businesses gain agility while simplifying their compliance challenges. The Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence content will now be integrated with MetricStream Regulatory Change Management product.

For many organizations, the chaos of compliance acts like an anchor because of an unyielding array of new and constantly changing regulatory requirements, stemming from hundreds of disparate regulatory bodies, many organizations must manage hundreds of compliance changes per day. With MetricStream and Thomson Reuters working together, our customers will be able to consistently, quickly and effectively stay on top of regulatory change and manage its impact on the business.

Advantages for customers –

  • With enhanced, agile and intelligent content libraries, customers will gain an easy to use solution to manage the complexities of compliance.
  • Compliance professionals will get access to regulatory developments from over 1,000 supervisory bodies and more than 2,500 collections of regulatory and legislative materials.
  • Compliance teams can subscribe to and leverage regulatory and risk intelligence content directly within MetricStream Regulatory Change Management to assess the impact of the regulatory changes on related policies, processes and controls.

Access to these alerts will enhance visibility and enable organizations to take better risk-aware business decisions.

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Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson serves in the role of Senior Vice President, Channel and Alliances.