MetricStream’s latest Brazos Release of its deep domain products for Regulatory Compliance, IT & Cyber Security, Third-Party Management, Audit & Financial Controls, Risk Management, and Integrated Platform provides built-in regulatory content, best-practice workflows, AI-powered recommendations, Mobile Apps, and Contextual Tours for organizations to “Thrive on Risk.”

The enhancements in this release enable organizations to leverage next-generation vendor risk management with artificial intelligence (AI), quantify the impact of cyber risks, and simplify regulatory and compliance complexity. Furthermore, the Brazos Release sets a new standard for AI in risk while enhancing the user experience.

Setting New Standards in AI in Risk Management

Increasing volume and velocity of interconnected risks, never-ending compliance and regulatory changes coupled with constant IT & cyber risks make risk management more challenging today than ever. The MetricStream Brazos Release gives compliance, security, and risk management professionals AI-powered solutions to simplify, automate and streamline their governance, risk, and compliance programs.

Simplify Regulatory and
Compliance Complexity

Eliminate regulatory change hassles with real-time content from Thomson Reuters, AI-powered issue and action recommendations, enhanced compliance and control certification, contextual intelligence on policies for greater confidence and insights.

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Quantify the Impact of
Cyber Risks

Advanced IT & cyber risk quantification capabilities with RiskLens integration and new loss exposure reports remove uncertainties of IT & cyber risk impacts, giving insights into optimal IT & cybersecurity investments and resource allocation.

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Power Next-Generation
Vendor Risk Management with AI

New AI-powered recommendations automatically risk score third parties based on anomalies in their SOC2 and SOC3 reports, simplifies the onboarding process, reduces errors, and increases efficiencies by eliminating manual processing.

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