MetricStream GRC Platform provides enterprise-ready technology architecture to supports global scale of operations, complex organizational structures and heterogeneous IT environments enabling seamless integration of all GRC processes and systems in a single, cohesive framework.

Latest corporations in the world turn to MetricStream for highly scalable GRC solutions for global deployments to support increasing number of transactions, users and data volume. As customers seek global deployment of GRC applications on a common platform, MetricStream GRC Platform has continually evolved for supporting multiple languages, currencies and time zones as well as complex organizational models.

Federated Data Model

Federated Data Model

MetricStream GRC Platform delivers a federated and flexible data model to map all organizational GRC elements in a comprehensive manner. This includes an extensive set of libraries for risks, controls, processes, policies, assets, organizations, regulations and other GRC elements. These entities are highly configurable, and can have attributes, relationships and workflows defined centrally and leveraged across the enterprise.

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GRC and Master Data Integration


To closely tie GRC processes with business operations data and performance metrics, MetricStream Infolet technology integrates various MetricStream GRC applications with customers' existing IT infrastructure, technology systems and business applications for ERP, MES, PLM, Master Data Management, Supplier Management , Employee and Organizational Information, etc.

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Performance and Scalability

Performance and scalability

MetricStream GRC Platform is designed from the ground up to be an enterprise-ready system that can handle a large number of users and data. High-end Reliability, Availability and Scalability (RAS) architecture - horizontal and vertical scalability, distributed deployments, federated administration, clustering, load balancing, redundancy, throttling - make MetricStream GRC Platform the preferred technology for enterprise IT architects.

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