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Control Testing

Rationalize Control Testing to Ensure Compliance, Mitigate Risk, and Ace Audits

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Automate and Harmonize Control Testing with Predefined Workflows

MetricStream Control Testing enables a streamlined approach to test controls and provides a standard framework and common taxonomy for an organization to systematically document their control library. It helps create control test plans to test and report on the performance of controls. It enables to easily record control deficiencies as issues and triggers a well-defined workflow for investigation, action planning, and remediation. Intuitive reports and dashboards provide visibility into the status of control tests and issues.

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How Our Control Testing Capabilities Help You

How Our Control Testing Capabilities Help You How Our Control Testing Capabilities Help You

Centralized Control Library

Create and store controls in a centralized library and leverage the federated data model to map them to processes, products, risks, regulations, and audits in a many-to-many manner. Eliminate key challenges of existing paper and spreadsheet-based systems. Minimize duplication of controls across the organization.

Harmonize Controls with Common Control Framework

Standardize and harmonize control sets across multiple IT regulations. Substantially reduce effort and time spent in fulfilling multiple compliance requirements with dynamic mapping of controls to regulations and control harmonization.

Self-Assessment and Testing

Assess controls for operational and design effectiveness by leveraging pre-defined questionnaires and surveys. Easily design, configure, and schedule tests related to accuracy, authorization, completeness, validity, and segregation of duties. Track the control testing status and analyze the results using interactive reports and dashboards.

Intuitive Dashboards and Reports

Gain complete visibility into the control test process by leveraging automated reports and dashboards with drill-down capabilities, which provide comprehensive and accurate results. Monitor the status of control design and test results using graphical charts and reports.

How Our Control Testing Benefits Your Business

  • Ensure effective compliance, create opportunities for cost savings, reduce external audit fees, and increase profitability
  • Boost confidence in regulatory compliance with simplified mapping of controls to different regulations and systematic processes for implementing the control testing process
  • Mitigate risk impact by evaluating and enhancing control efficiencies
  • Accelerate control certification processes and SOX-related requests

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