MetricStream GRC Platform

MetricStream GRC Platform is the technology infrastructure that modern and digital organizations are relying on to design an integrated GRC architecture that can be embedded into the fabric of the enterprise. Built on cloud-based, open-standard technologies using J2EE and XML architecture, MetricStream GRC Platform enables rapid deployment of GRC Apps that provide a pervasive approach to governance, risk, and compliance. Features of the Platform include: the central GRC Data Model, AppStudio, Infolets, role-based security and access controls, configurable reports and dashboards and risk analytics.

With a centralized access to risk and compliance data, the GRC Platform provides a social and collaborative user experience improving communication between teams through consistent and closed-loop processes across risk, audit and compliance functions.

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Federated Data Model

Includes a highly-configurable and centrally-defined GRC Foundation library of risks, controls, processes, and other GRC elements.


Accelerates creation, extension and configuration of Apps on the GRC Platform, empowering you to adopt an extensible GRC architecture.


Simplifies integration with internal and external systems to push and pull data for GRC related activities.


Supports role-based access controls, industry standard security protocols with strong encryption and robust authentication and authorization.

Analytics, Reporting and Dashboards

Provides risk data analytics and business intelligence in real-time.

Big Data

Big Data aggregation and storage from disparate sources of risk information - social media, security systems, web feeds.


Platform agnostic architecture for native apps on mobile devices with seamless synchronization and integrates with device camera, GPS, Voice.

Delivering Business Value

  • Make GRC simple with intuitive and personalized user interfaces, adaptive visualizations, and a modern architecture 
  • Build confidence that GRC apps can be modified to address evolving business and market needs
  • Provide real-time visibility into business entities and GRC libraries through a centralized and flexible data model
  • Accelerate decision-making with contextual, real-time intelligence delivered through advanced reports and analytics
  • Simplify access to data via mobile responsive interfaces; enable faster exchange of data between heterogeneous systems
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