MetricStream Technology

MetricStream has simplified GRC with innovative technologies like social collaboration, mobility and cloud. Easy configurability with AppStudio dramatically increases the value of your GRC Apps while Big Data integration with Infolets maximizes the value of your technology investments. Risk analytics and dashboards designed for end-users transform the way you work and use business intelligence to drive performance. The GRC infrastructure provides core features - platform, data model, workflow, reporting, analytics, and mobility – that come together on a simple user interface. Apps on the cloud accelerate time-to-value ensuring a low total cost of ownership and a high degree of reliability and scalability. Adopting the right GRC technology will ensure your organizational risks are assessed and mitigated on time across the entire organizational ecosystem.



  • Accelerate development of GRC Apps to meet specific business requirements
  • Accelerate adoption of GRC Apps with simple, easy-to-use interface designed for social collaboration.
  • Enable modeling of the complex global federated organizational structures into a flexible GRC data model.
  • Utilize cloud and on-premises deployment models for total flexibility.
  • Access GRC Apps on mobile devices with seamless synchronization.
  • Analyze massive volumes of structured and unstructured big data to deliver risk intelligence to provide deep business insights.
  • Provide analytics and business intelligence in real-time with powerful reports and executive dashboards.
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