Threat and Vulnerability Management

The MetricStream Threat and Vulnerability Management, built on the MetricStream Platform, empowers organizations to aggregate, prioritize, track, and remediate information security threats and vulnerabilities in an efficient and collaborative manner. The integration capabilities imports and consolidates threat and vulnerability information from various sources, thereby providing a unified view of the data. Avail of combined risk ratings for business assets by combining the vulnerability severity with the asset criticality rating.

  Threat and Vulnerability Management

Business Value Delivered


reduction in the cost of managing vulnerabilities and their impact.

The MetricStream Threat and Vulnerability Management helps you to accelerate decision-making with actionable intelligence on vulnerabilities and their remediation with agility through a flexible approach to threat and vulnerability remediation. Organizations can improve risk preparedness through an aggregated view of vulnerabilities across systems, and stay ahead of threats and vulnerabilities with early warning notifications and proactive remediation mechanisms.

Key Features
Assets in Business Context

Create, document, and manage IT assets, asset classes, areas of compliance, and criticality ratings in a central library by integrating with CMDBs.
Prioritize Better with Combined Risk Ratings

Configure risk-rating rules for Combined Risk Ratings, combining the assets’ business criticality and their vulnerabilities’ severity, thereby prioritizing remediation.
Intelligent Issue and Remediation

Leverage AI/ML to classify & relate issues, define remediation rules to trigger automated remediation processes through the workflow engine.
Threat and Vulnerability Reporting

Generate real-time intelligence on threats and vulnerabilities, along with historical trends and statistics, through interactive analytics dashboards and reports.
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