Business Continuity Management App

The MetricStream Business Continuity Management (BCM) App enables enterprises to execute and manage an effective business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) program. It provides a flexible, integrated, and robust platform to meet multiple BCM needs, including business continuity planning, risk assessments, disaster tracking, and recovery action initiation and management. Users can proactively plan crises responses, periodically test recovery procedures, and enable rapid recovery from disruptive incidents affecting business operations.

The app helps implement a consistent BCM plan across organizational functions, while enabling a centralized approach to recovery planning and crisis management. It also covers BCM frameworks and standards such as ISO 22301. Emergency mass notification capabilities, as well as mobile-enabled access to continuity plans and crisis reports (both online and offline) improve response time during a critical event.

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Enabling High Performers

Responsive and personalized interface designed for BCM practitioners

Highly configurable to meet your specific BCM requirements

Insights and risk intelligence for better decisions

Fast, lean, ready for the future


Process And Asset Inventory

Leverage MetricStream’s GRC Library to maintain a hierarchical structure of the organization, including objectives and relationships between processes, sub-processes, and dependent assets. Integrate with Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs), where the entire asset inventory is maintained.

Business Impact Analysis

Trigger Business Impact Analysis (BIA) surveys to identify critical assets and processes. Automate cumulative criticality scoring and calculations of recovery objectives. Map Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) dependencies through the app’s business process modeling capabilities. Visualize these dependencies using the app’s next-gen Data Explorer feature.

Perform qualitative and quantitative assessments of business continuity risks impacting key processes and assets. Enable a more in-depth understanding of risks by using hover cards to visualize inter-process dependencies and asset relationships. Gain a comprehensive view of risks across geographies.

Create and maintain continuity plans from pre-built plan templates (every time a template is updated, so are the associated plans). Link these plans to business processes, critical IT assets, locations, and key contacts. Define recovery tasks and timelines using Gantt charts.

Plan Exercising

Test business continuity and recovery plans to check if the activities outlined are up-to-date. Through the plan exercises, ensure that employees are well-prepared for recovery activities during a crisis situation. Map the test results to related applications, and store them in a centralized register to support course corrections.

Crisis Management

Implement powerful workflows to declare, report, and follow a crisis to closure. Track recovery steps across owners and locations. Monitor risk profiles, control ownership, and assessment plans. Record the crisis remediation status using real-time graphical charts.

Emergency Mass Notifications

Communicate effectively before, during, and after a crisis. Create and manage emergency call trees and user distribution lists, as well as emergency notification templates.

Issue and Action Management

Manage, track, and close issues and actions triggered from risk assessments, plan exercises, and crises. Set up workflows to address these issues and actions based on their severity and priority, respectively.

Integration with Vendor Risk Management App

Integrate with the MetricStream Vendor Risk Management App to conduct business continuity assessments, and analyze risks across vendors in the supply chain.

Mobile Capabilities

Create and publish business continuity plans on MetricStream’s native GRC mobile application, available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Leverage the mobile application to send and track emergency notifications during crisis recovery.

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  • Accelerate recovery from disruptive events by managing the BCM program from one centralized platform
  • Strengthen business resilience by building a robust business continuity and disaster recovery plan aligned with key industry standards and frameworks
  • Manage issues and remediation through a systematic and streamlined approach
  • Make better informed decisions with timely, in-depth visibility into business continuity risks, delivered through a world-class analytics engine and graphical dashboards
  • Strengthen business resilience by proactively measuring vendor business continuity risks, and deploying contingency measures across the supply chain
  • Improve response time by accessing business continuity plans anytime, anywhere through mobile devices

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