Crisis and Incident Management

No organization is immune to a crisis - be it a catastrophic natural disaster or an information security breach. And yet very few organizations are actually prepared for these events with a controlled crisis and incident management response. Many lack the required tools and structured processes to efficiently control crises across a vast number of distributed assets and processes. Others lose precious time trying to contain the impact of a crisis manually, using emails, phones, and spreadsheets. Still others are hampered by their inability to communicate and coordinate crisis management efforts across business functions and units.

As a result, it becomes increasingly challenging to understand the type of crisis or incident taking place, consolidate information on affected assets and processes, make decisions quickly, and capture sufficient knowledge about the crisis to ensure it doesn't happen again.

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MetricStream's Crisis and Incident Management Solution

The Crisis & Incident Management functionality within the Business Continuity Management (BCM) App implements a centralized framework to integrate and streamline incident detection and recording, loss event tracking and investigation, and remediation and corrective action. The BCM App integrates with other enterprise systems (e.g. threat and vulnerability scanners identify and access governance systems), capturing incidents in real time, and routing them for investigation and remediation. It also extends across organizational siloes, facilitating seamless cross-functional communication and collaboration, and accelerating crisis management efforts. At every stage, powerful dashboards and reports provide real-time visibility into the status of incidents and related metrics.

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