Enterprise Risk Management App

Today’s dynamic business landscape is replete with a multitude of internal and external risks, making risk mitigation a key element in propelling business growth. Enterprises need simple and effective ways to detect, evaluate, and mitigate risks, while ensuring that risk management programs are pervasive across the organization.

The MetricStream Enterprise Risk Management App provides a structured and systematic approach to manage risks across the organization. By implementing uniform risk assessment methodologies and standards, the app provides an accurate understanding of risks across the organization and clear visibility into the top risks. Multi-dimensional risk assessments based on several qualitative and quantitative parameters can be performed to establish the organization’s risk profile. Real-time insights into risk management programs are offered through powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, dashboards, and charts.

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Enabling High Performers

Responsive and personalized interface designed for risk assessors and managers

Highly configurable to meet your specific risk and control assessment requirements

Mobile ready, enabling assessments anywhere, anytime

Real-time risk intelligence and insights for better decisions

Fast, lean, ready for the future


Process and Risk Repository

Identify and define business objectives, processes, products, risks, and controls, and establish and maintain relationships across these. Document and manage a wide array of enterprise risks and associated details such as risk description, category, hierarchy, and ownership using a centralized library and risk framework.

Access advanced tools for planning, scheduling, and performing risk assessments, and once the assessments are performed, route results for review and approval. Perform assessments easily with a simple and intuitive user interface.

Perform risk assessments with support for both top-down and bottom-up approaches. Manage simple risk assessments by rating a risk, or an advanced assessment using multiple factors and advanced risk scoring to meet variations in the risk assessment methodology across business units, regions, and products, and roll up to an assessed organization, objective, product, or process. Define the logic for computing inherent and residual risk scores and analyze them through heat maps.

Control Design and Assessments

Define controls as per industry standard frameworks like COSO and COBIT, design control test plans and assessments, and rate their operational and design effectiveness leveraging questionnaires and surveys as required. Understand the control evaluation status and analyze the results using interactive dashboards.

Key Metrics Monitoring

Measure and track key indicators for risks (KRIs), controls (KCIs), and key performance objectives (KPIs). Set thresholds to identify potential threats, and mitigate them in advance. Send alerts and notifications on any breach to relevant personnel for faster decision making.

Issue and Action Management

Record findings stemming from risk assessments and controls tests. Recommend action plans such as modifying controls or defining new controls as part of the issue remediation process. Monitor the status of implemented actions at every stage and track them to closure.

Monitoring and Reporting

Access real-time information on risk management programs across your organization through role-based landing pages with dashboards. Dynamic heat maps help view risks by organization, product, or process or by risk category. Gain a 360º view of your program through advanced visualization of key metrics and personalize your home page based on your specific analysis needs.

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Key Benefits

  • Enhance risk management communication and enable consistency in risk taxonomy with a centralized risk and control repository
  • Align with industry standard frameworks, methodologies, and templates for risk assessments with effective workflows
  • Perform quantitative and qualitative risk assessments and configure and aggregate the risk scores based on your business needs
  • Leverage advanced analytics, business intelligence, and key metrics dashboards for informed decision making
  • Track and close findings effectively with integrated action planning

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