• 66%*
    Reduction in the time taken to complete risk assessments
  • 37%*
    Cost savings in risk assessments and associated processes
*Source: Customer responses and GRC Journey Business Value Calculator

IT Risk Management App

The MetricStream IT Risk Management App empowers organizations to adopt a focused and business-driven approach when managing and mitigating their IT risks. The app streamlines IT risk identification, IT risk assessments, and risk treatment.

It also provides sophisticated analytics and reports that transform raw risk data into actionable IT risk intelligence, provides a clear visibility into the top risks and improves decision-making. Furthermore, it allows organizations to implement standard risk assessment methodologies to create a sustainable and scalable risk management process.

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Enabling High Performers

Responsive and personalized interface designed for information security and risk practitioners

Highly configurable to meet your specific IT risk requirements

Insights and risk intelligence for better decisions

Fast, lean, ready for the future


Centralized Asset, Process, and Risk Repository

Define and maintain business entities such as IT risks, assets, processes, and controls. Establish relationships between these data entities along with associated details such as description, category, hierarchy, ownership, visibility, and validity.

IT Risk Assessment and Analysis

Assess, quantify, monitor, and manage IT risks in an integrated manner using industry standard IT risk assessment frameworks.

Perform multi-dimensional risk assessments with support for both top-down and bottom-up approaches to the assessments. Conduct advanced assessments by configuring risk scores, and ranking them using a simple risk matrix. Roll up the scores to an assessed entity or organization. Define the logic for computing inherent and residual risk scores, and view and analyze these scores through flexible heat maps.

Issue Management and Remediation

Identify and document issues from IT risk assessments through a closed-loop process of investigation, root cause analysis, and remediation. Prioritize and assign resources for investigation and remediation with an underlying workflow and collaboration engine. Define an action plan, and track the remediation process and issues to closure.

IT Risk Monitoring

Generate user-configurable risk reports, risk heat maps, and role-based executive dashboards which aggregate IT risk data for complete visibility. Track risk profiles, control ownership, assessment plans, and remediation status through real-time graphical charts that can be accessed from anywhere in the organization. Gain a 360º view of the process through the app’s data browser and continuously monitor risk metrics and performance.

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Delivering Business Value

  • Build confidence with regulators and executive management by demonstrating a robust, enterprise-level approach to business resilience and IT risk management
  • Improve performance by aligning IT and information security risk management objectives to corporate objectives and performance goals
  • Gain efficiencies by rationalizing IT risk and control assessments, and reducing redundancies and errors
  • Improve decision-making, and reduce IT risks with accurate and timely risk insights from the first and second lines of defense
  • Gain real-time visibility into IT risk exposure, as well as the appropriate measures to treat risks through contextual risk information from across processes and assets
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