• 67%*
    Improvement in risk reporting visibility and efficiency for the executive management and board
  • 80%*
    Improvement in risk and control framework related operational efficiency
  • 15x*
    Improvement in risk metrics tracking
*Source: Customer responses and GRC Journey Business Value Calculator

Operational Risk Management App

The MetricStream M7 Operational Risk Management App provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to establish risk management discipline. The app embodies a pervasive approach to operational risk management, and strengthens collaboration across the enterprise – right from executives, to risk managers, to business process owners. By streamlining operational risk management, the app helps organizations make risk-intelligent business decisions, improve business performance, and reduce losses. It also helps protect critical investments, and safeguard corporate brand equity. 

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Enabling High Performers

Responsive and personalized interface designed for risk assessors and managers

Highly configurable to meet your specific risk and control assessment requirements

Mobile ready, enabling assessments anywhere, anytime

Risk insights and intelligence for better decisions

Fast, lean, ready for the future


Process and Risk Repository

Define business objectives, processes, products, risks, and controls, and map the relationships across these data elements. Document organizational hierarchies, and link risk appetites to strategic business objectives. Catalog and manage operational risks and associated details such as risk description, category, hierarchy, and ownership in a centralized library and risk framework.

Plan, schedule, and perform both top-down and bottom-up risk assessments. Once they are complete, route the results for review and approval. Enable simple assessments by rating a risk, and advanced assessments using multiple factors and risk scoring to meet variations in risk assessment methodologies across business units, regions, and products. Add or delete risks and controls on the fly while performing an assessment. Also, assess the overall control environment based on multiple factors.

Define the logic for computing inherent and residual risk scores, and analyze them through heat maps. Aggregate the scores based on averages, worst-case scenarios (maximum), or best-case scenarios (minimum). Roll up the scores to an assessed organization, objective, product, or process.

In compliance with the Basel Accords, capture and categorize internal risk events and losses across multiple impacted organizations. Aggregate loss events, analyze loss trends, conduct a causal analysis, and initiate corrective actions across the organization. Define loss thresholds, consolidate data from external loss data exchanges, and conduct a loss data analysis.

Key Metrics (KPI, KRI, AND KCI) Monitoring

Measure and track key indicators for risks (KRIs), controls (KCIs), and performance (KPIs). Set thresholds to identify potential threats, and mitigate them in advance. Enable correlative analyses between various key metrics. Send alerts and notifications on any breach to relevant personnel, and define multiple follow-up actions.

Issue and Action Management

Record findings stemming from risk assessments and control tests. Recommend action plans to modify controls or define new controls as part of the issue remediation process. Monitor the status of the implemented actions at every stage, and track them to closure. 

Reporting and Monitoring

Access real-time information on risk management programs through role-based landing pages with dashboards. Leverage dynamic heat maps to view risks by organization, product, process, or risk category. Slice and dice the data using easy filters, and track the movement of risk from inherent to residual on a heat map based on the effectiveness of the controls. Gain a 360º view of risk management through advanced visualization of key metrics. Personalize the home page based on your specific analysis needs.

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Delivering Business Value

  • Deliver forward-looking risk visibility with predictive risk metrics and indicators
  • Reduce losses, and avoid adverse risk events through proactive control structures and analytics
  • Drive agility and risk-based decision-making by providing a single view of the top risks faced by the organization across the first and second lines of defense
  • Build confidence with regulators and executive management by establishing a strong risk data governance and issue reporting framework with clear lines of accountability

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