Operational Risk Management App

The MetricStream ORM App provides a single, comprehensive system to manage your operational risk management requirements. The App supports operational risk identification and assessment, control evaluation, loss management, issue remediation, KRI monitoring, and risk reporting. It replaces cumbersome, manual, and siloed ORM processes with a highly automated, efficient, and collaborative approach. The App also cuts across organizational siloes, gathering and transforming operational risk data into critical risk intelligence to strengthen decision-making.

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Provides flexible risk methodologies and algorithms, heat maps, survey tools, and scenario analysis mechanisms to measure inherent and residual risks, as well as control effectiveness

Centralized Risk Library

Integrates operational risks, controls, processes, business units, policies, and regulations in a tightly mapped ORM framework

Facilitates a systematic and consistent approach to loss identification, assessment, tracking, and remediation; monitors KRIs, and triggers automated alerts when thresholds are breached

Issue Management

Routes risk issues identified in RCSAs, loss event tracking, and audits through a systematic cycle of issue investigation, root cause analysis, and corrective action


Enables real-time tracking of operational risks through powerful dashboards and reports with drill-down capabilities; helps users slice and dice through the data to uncover critical risk patterns and trends

Operational Risk Analytics

Delivers powerful tools such as Monte Carlo Simulation techniques to model potential operational risks and losses, and accurately calculate capital allocation

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  • Streamline and standardize operational risk management processes across the enterprise
  • Proactively identify and manage loss events. Spot recurring issues, and resolve them quickly
  • Replace time-consuming, manual ORM processes with highly automated workflows
  • Gain immediate and actionable operational risk intelligence to enhance decision-making
  • Strengthen your ability to predict and control risk outcomes. Determine capital allocation more accurately
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