Risk Management

A top priority at corporations today is to gain visibility into and control over the multitude of internal and external risks. A recent increase in regulatory mandates and active shareholders has made many organizations sensitized to identifying areas of risk in their business -be it financial, operational, IT, brand, or reputation related risk. No longer is risk management considered the sole responsibility of specialists. Executives and Boards want visibility into risk exposure and status so that they can effectively manage the organization's long-term strategies. In response, companies are looking to systemically identify, measure, prioritize, and respond to all business risks, and then manage any exposure accordingly.

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MetricStream Risk Management Software Solution

MetricStream provides an integrated and flexible framework for documenting and assessing risks, defining controls, managing audits, identifying issues and implementing remediation plans. The risk management solution provides advanced capabilities such as risk calculators and risk heat maps for risk analysis and monitoring.

MetricStream uniquely combines software and content to deliver the risk management software solution to customers. Embedded best practices help define the scope of processes and sub-processes for risk management. It also guides the development of control and test libraries. The solution provides other intelligent and content driven features such as access to training content from an expert community, and integration of business processes with regulatory notifications and industry alerts.

  • Increased Shareholder Value: Good corporate governance translates to better brand and reputation, resulting in stock price premiums.
  • Optimized Risk/Return Outcomes: Greater transparency and visibility provided by the solution enables the Management to undertake initiatives with the most optimal risk/reward outcomes. Initiatives with a higher risk can be monitored and managed more close
  • Reduced Compliance Costs: Integrated corporate governance, risk management, and compliance processes lead to significantly lower compliance and governance costs.
  • Improved Business Performance: Robust risk management and internal controls strengthen operations and business performance.

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