Dr. Michael C. Redmond

Dr. Michael C. Redmond, PhD

About Me

Dr. Michael C. Redmond is a recognized International Trainer, Consultant, Auditor, Speaker, and Author with twenty years of experience. She is the Director for Redmond Worldwide www.redmondworldwide.org

Michael has three published books that are sold in over 35 countries: Mastering Your Introduction to Cyber Security, Mastering Business Continuity Management and Mastering Your Work Life Balance. Her book Mastering Business Continuity Management was selected for Top 16 In the field both in 2020 and in 2021.

She has been an ISO International Standards instructor for PECB for 6 years. She is also currently an Adjunct Professor for St. Thomas MBA Program in Cyber Law. She teaches Risk Management and the course covers Information/Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, and Privacy

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